About Timeless Painting

Professional, Local, Experienced.

Timeless Painting started in Calgary in 2005 at the end of the boom. But we didn’t slow down when everything else did, instead we pushed forward and continued to grow. In our first 6 months, we grew from just two guys to 7 full crews.

We value your time and we move quickly, all while maintaining the highest standard of quality craftsmanship many have come to love.

All Painting Companies Are Not Created Equally.

Our teams are led by experienced Canadian Painters. You get only the best when you work with Timeless.

Timeless believes in strength through organization. To ensure everything runs as smoothly as you would expect it to, we provide a dedicated project manager to each job so that we can guarantee we are on time and on budget. Our crews clean during and after the job to ensure your property is left in pristine condition. You aren’t haunted by leftover sanded drywall and paint.

When we’re done, it might seem as if the walls painted themselves. We value your time and we move quickly, all while maintaining the highest standard of quality. This is part of the Timeless Advantage.

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The Timeless Painting Mission:

Be On Time

With Timeless Painting you won’t receive an “estimated start time”. That’s part of the Timeless Advantage. We start on time, and finish on time. We always give a specific start time, so if we say we are going to be there at 8:00AM, we’ll be there at 8:00AM.

Stay On Budget

At Timeless Painting we believe in providing a premium service at an affordable price. But we go beyond just providing a fantastic price, we ensure that we don’t go over. We strive to earn your trust. One way we do this is by guaranteeing our quotes. If we give a price, we stand by that price. If you decide you want more services we do a change order request signed by both parties. You’re involved at every step, we never hit you with unknown fees.

Always Be Clean

At Timeless Paint we pride ourselves on our cleanliness. To ensure that your property is left in pristine condition, we clean during and after each job. That way you’re ready to enjoy our work as soon as the paint dries.