The Timeless Warranty

The Timeless 5 Year Warranty

Don’t get stuck with shoddy craftsmanship that takes away from the look and feel of your home.

At Timeless we know upgrading your home costs money, but you shouldn’t have to pay twice for the same thing. This is why we get it right the first time.

We guarantee that our craftsmanship will hold up. We do this by providing an industry leading 5 YEAR WARRANTY.

You can relax knowing that Timeless has you covered.

What Is Included:

Labour And Materials

If we made a mistake and need to come back, we cover the costs. Our team and our materials will be fully covered.


If the coating stars peeling or cracking due to improper application or faulty products we will replace it no questions asked.

Transferable Contract

Our warranty is transferable. If the customer is selling their home, they can transfer the warranty to the new owner.

Warranty Requirements:

For the warranty to be upheld the home owner must have the original signed contract. All materials must have been provided by Timeless. If any additional work was done to any services provided by Timeless Painting by the home owner, or another company the warranty will no longer be valid.

What Is Excluded:

 Normal Wear And Tear Normal Wear And Tear

Everyday damage such as damage from furniture being dragged or scraped along the painted or stained surface, abrasive cleaners etc… will not be covered

External Damage External Damage

While we guaranty the quality of our work, certain uncontrollable scenarios can cause damage to our work. Floods, fire, vandalism, negligence, etc… will not be covered.

Previous Contractor Work Previous Contractor Work

If your budget required us to apply a coating over top of a previous company’s work and out coating fails as a result of their work, our coatings will not be covered.

Client Provided Materials Client Provided Materials

Any work where Timeless Painting did not supply the paint or other materials, will not be covered. Timeless Painting only guarantees the brands they supply.

Exact Paint Match Exact Paint Match

Due to the nature of all paints, fading may occur over a period of time. If we need to do touch-up work, we cannot guarantee an exact match on older paints.